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World Health Day 2015

World Health Day is hosted every year on April 7th by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year its theme is food safety. The event is an opportunity to highlight the need for coordinated efforts by all those working in the agrifood sector, "from farm to fork", so that everyone can gain access to healthy food which is safe to eat and free of microbiological risks in particular.

In light of the globalisation of trade, new consumer habits and the diversity of the offer, great vigilance is required to prevent new risks in the food sector. These risks must be assessed with a focus on both the "traditional" physico-chemical and microbiological risks (contamination by bacteria, salmonella, etc.) and on certain risks associated with environmental contaminants. This is the role of ANSES, which is involved in all the stages of the food chain, and assesses health risks from primary production to the consumer's plate.


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