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TDS (Total Diet Study)

Diet studies: better protection for consumers

Updated on 11/12/2017

Keywords : Food consumption surveys, INCA (Individual and National Food Consumption Survey), TDS (Total Diet Study), Ciqual, OQALI

ANSES regularly conducts large-scale studies on the food consumption of the population (INCA). Their results are essential because, along with the other reference tools used by ANSES (TDS, CIQUAL, Oqali), they make it possible to assess the nutritional intakes of the population and how well their nutritional needs are being met, as well as the risks associated with the presence of chemicals in food. Based on all this information, which is compared to expert assessments in scientific studies available both for France and the rest of the world, ANSES issues its recommendations and in doing so protects consumers on a day-to-day basis.

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