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ANSES and biological pest control

Published on 22/07/2019

Keywords : Plant protection products, Biological pest control, Biocontrol

Biological pest control products include macro-organisms (invertebrates, insects, mites and nematodes) and plant protection products containing micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses), chemical mediators such as sex pheromones (chemical substances produced by insects that play a role in sexual attraction) and natural plant, animal or mineral-based substances. In a context advocating reduced use of plant protection products, biological control is one solution that has been identified for reaching the goals of the Ecophyto 2018 plan. For this reason, the marketing and assessment procedures need to be adjusted. Indeed, while the principles of biological control promote the use of processes and interactions that already exist in nature, these products can present risks for the environment. ANSES has therefore been asked to assess them.

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The article has been added to your library