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The industrial fire at the Lubrizol plant: the ANSES Opinions

Updated on 08/01/2020

Keywords : Lubrizol, Nutrition, Water

The large plume of smoke produced by the fire at the Lubrizol plant in Rouen, France on 26 September affected several French départements. The authorities rapidly commissioned measurements and sampling in order to assess the impact of any hazardous substances that may have been emitted.

This context led to ANSES being asked to assess the potential food risks associated with the deposition on the ground. The first step involved ensuring that the initial surveillance and sampling measures taken were adequate with regard to agricultural and food production.

To supplement the emergency strategy implemented, a request was also made jointly to ANSES and INERIS, with a view to identifying the main substances liable to have health effects through the different routes of exposure. ANSES's contribution complemented the work of INERIS, the reference body for industrial risks, which drew up a list of substances that may have been released into the environment during this industrial accident, and of the areas that have been exposed to these substances.

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