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Electromagnetic fields

Radiofrequency radiation, mobile telephones and wireless technologies

Updated on 16/04/2018

Keywords : Radiofrequencies, Mobile telephones, Electromagnetic fields, Electromagnetic waves, Relay antennas, Electrohypersensitivity

Radiofrequency technologies and related applications have developed considerably over the past twenty years. These new technologies are likely to increase radiofrequency exposure of the general population and of users, and give rise to a wide range of questions concerning use, measurement, biological and clinical effects, epidemiology and regulations, etc. as well as a variety of concerns, mainly regarding their possible impact on health. In this context, radiofrequency waves are a major topic of interest for the Agency. To respond to the questions raised concerning use of this technology, ANSES has undertaken several expert appraisals in the area of health effects related to radiofrequency energy.

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