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Pregnant women

Food supplements for pregnant women

Published on 08/12/2017

Keywords : Food supplements, Nutrivigilance, Pregnant women, Vitamins, Iodine, Adverse effects

Cases of neonatal hypercalcaemia and congenital hypothyroidism involving food supplements for pregnant women have been reported to ANSES, under its national nutrivigilance scheme. These reports led the Agency to assess the risks associated with the consumption of food supplements containing vitamin D or iodine, intended for pregnant women. Having completed its expert appraisal, the Agency warns consumers against combining multiple sources of vitamins and minerals, in the absence of an identified need. It especially wishes to alert healthcare professionals of the importance of not combining sources of vitamins and minerals without regular biological monitoring. The Agency also reminds pregnant women that they should not consume food supplements without first seeking the advice of a healthcare professional.

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