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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Import of veterinary medicinal products

Updated on 08/09/2016

If no veterinary medicinal product suitable for the intended treatment has been approved by ANSES in France or by the European Commission (Centralised Marketing Authorisation), veterinarians can use a medicinal product authorised for use in another Member State of the European Union. Prior import authorisation from ANSES is however required. Import for therapeutic purposes can also be requested by a pharmacist, or by an individual for a non-prescription medicinal product. Veterinary pharmaceutical establishments can, for economic reasons, apply for so-called parallel import authorisations for medicinal products that are approved and marketed in another Member State, provided that they present very similar characteristics to a medicinal product already approved for sale in France. These products must be re-labelled in French before they are marketed in this country.

Keywords : Veterinary medicinal products

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