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Assessment of the risks associated with carbon nanotubes

Updated on 05/05/2022

Among the many available manufactured nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes are of particular interest because of their wide range of potential industrial applications and their exceptional properties. However, there is concern regarding the toxicity of some of these nanotubes. In 2007, the Agency received a formal request to perform an expert appraisal of the risk assessment for nanostructured materials, particularly those with carbon nanotubes in their composition. A research and development programme has been launched with the aim of creating a manufacturing sector for these materials. Financial support for this programme is partially subject to the requirement for the industrial consortium to provide an assessment of the health and environmental risks associated with manufactured carbon nanotubes. The Agency has already published two opinions and a report on this topic. A third and final expert appraisal is planned for 2013.

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