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"On the issue of nanomaterials, we have to questions about their utility in view of the health risks"- Aurélie Niaudet.

"We need to be pragmatic on the issue of nanomaterials: we have to better understand exposure, identify their uses and ask questions about their utility in view of the health risks".

Aurélie Niaudet, in charge of assessing the risks associated with physical agents,...


02/10/2020 Keywords : Water , Cyanobacteria

What are cyanobacteria ?

Cyanobacteria are micro-organisms that thrive in terrestrial and aquatic environments, in both fresh and salt water. In favourable environmental conditions (i.e. with regard to temperature and nutrients), they can proliferate rapidly on a massive...

Citrus longhorned beetle: recommendations for eradicating an outbreak

In 2018, an outbreak of citrus longhorned beetle was discovered on maple trees in Royan. This insect pest, which is a hazard to many species of ornamental, forest and fruit trees, has been subject to compulsory European control measures since 2012. Today, ANSES is publishing...

ANSES and the CODA-CERVA have renewed their partnership for three more years

Keywords : ANSES

ANSES and the Belgian Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA) have renewed the framework agreement that has linked them since 2009, as well as the agreement concerning scientific collaboration on foot and mouth disease and bluetongue. The two agencies will...

ANSES compiles available data to help in identifying professions that have the highest risk of exposure to asbestos

30 May 2011

As part of the revision of the early retirement programme for persons having worked with asbestos (CAATA), ANSES has been requested to gather available scientific and technical data on occupational exposure to asbestos. The aim was to identify occupations with...

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