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Severe poisoning after consumption of toxic jimsonweed leaves from a vegetable patch

Keywords : Toxic plants

Following a group of severe poisoning cases in the Grand-Est region, ANSES and the poison control centres are alerting the public to the risks associated with consuming toxic wild plants that have been mistaken for edible ones, including in garden vegetable...

Co-exposure of bees to stress factors Opinion signed on 30/06/2015

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RSC171205 Dossier du participant Fiche technique signed on 01/12/2017

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Point sur la situation du petit coléoptère de la ruche en Italie Santé des abeilles : actualités en recherche et surveillance (2017) signed on 11/12/2017

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Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort Laboratory

The Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort Laboratory specialises in the health of poultry, rabbits, pigs, ruminants and farmed fish. It contributes to improving animal welfare and the quality of food of animal origin, and to the study of working conditions in livestock farming. The...

BP 53 Ploufragan

+33 (0)2 96 01 62 22

Definition of a serious adverse event in intensive food animal production Pharmacovigilance - Déclarations d'événements indésirables signed on 12/10/2018

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