7th Scientific Day of the Institut Santé-Travail Paris-Est (IST-PE)

Health, Work and the Healthcare Environment

The seventh Scientific Day of the Institut Santé-Travail Paris-Est will take place on Thursday 18 November 2021. The topic of the day will be "Health, Work & the Healthcare Environment".

The day will begin with an introductory conference which will be followed by three theme-based sessions: "Quality of life at work in healthcare environments", "Occupational exposure" and "Health aspects".

Work in a healthcare environment concerns a very wide range of medical and paramedical professionals, in a variety of contexts (public or private hospitals, private practice, services to individuals). In addition to biological risks, which have recently come to the fore, workers are confronted with many other occupational risks (physical, organisational, and psychosocial).

The aim of this event is to address, in specific theme-based sessions, recent data on occupational exposures in this sector of activity, results concerning health data for this type of worker, and presentations relating to the quality of life at work in care-based settings.

The Day is intended for the many actors concerned by occupational health, workers from the various care environments, whether they are researchers, occupational health workers, institutions, social partners, management or human resource workers.

Participation in this day-long event is free of charge, but for organisational and security reasons, registration is required before 1 October by contacting Ms Julie CAPON - Julie.Capon@chicreteil.fr - 01 57 02 28 77

The Organizing Committee : Pascal ANDUJAR - Milia BELACEL - Jean-Baptiste BOUDIN-LESTIENNE - Jean-Claude PAIRON

Scientific Committee : Henri BASTOS - Christos CHOUAÏD - Gérard LASFARGUES - Mélina LE BARBIER - Corinne MANDIN - Jean-Claude PAIRON