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The Agency's general newsletter

top news & headlines

A monthly selection of our news, latest scientific opinions and reports, conferences and webinars, as well as our new multimedia resources.

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Events organised by ANSES

our events

Receive in advance our “save the dates”, registration forms and detailed programmes for all the events organised by the Agency and its partners: symposia, webinars, scientific conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions for the general public, etc.

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Vigil’Anses, the bulletin for ANSES's vigilance schemes


For public health players, healthcare professionals, manufacturers, etc., we offer a close-up of our work over the past four months in the areas of toxicovigilance, nutrivigilance, phytopharmacovigilance and veterinary pharmacovigilance.

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The Bulletin Epidémiologique on Animal Health & Nutrition (in French only)

bulletin épidémiologique

A monthly publication for anyone working in the field of animal health and food safety, it provides a description and in-depth analysis of health and welfare phenomena in domestic and wild animals, as well as topics related to food-chain surveillance.

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BuSCA, the bulletin of the surveillance platform for food-chain safety (in French only)

Veille sanitaire internationale

Every fortnight, find out about our health monitoring activities on all the latest food safety events at national, European and global levels: surveillance reports, studies, articles, news briefs, etc.

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Newsletter of the Plant Health Epidemiological Surveillance Platform

bannière newsletter plateforme ESV

Every quarter receive information on the platform’s activities, events and news in plant health, as well as the main accomplishments and activities of the working groups. This newsletter is geared to professionals in the plant health sector, specialised journalists, partners of the platform and citizens interested in plant health.

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Veterinary Medicinal Product News

bandeau newsletter

Each month, receive the latest news for veterinary medicinal products, the previous month's statement of decision, and information on the upcoming events in which the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) is involved.

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Ciqual, the nutritional composition table


Follow the updates to our database on the nutritional composition of more than 3185 foods consumed in France.

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