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Concerning the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety website

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(French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety)
14 rue Pierre et Marie Curie

Tel.: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)

Publication director: Roger GENET,  General Director of ANSES

Director of the Department of Information, Communiation and Dialogue with Society: Sophie Le Quellec

Webmasters: Adeline Beaugendre, Isabelle Domain


Use of personal data

Personal data received when an individual contacts the Agency using the online contact formare never shared with third parties. In application of the French law of 6 January 1978 concerning information technology and individual rights, individuals have the right to access, rectify or delete their personal data. Those wishing to exercise this right should contact the webmaster using our online contact form.


Use of data

The information found on the website is made available to the public.

This information is protected by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, by other international agreements and by French national laws on copyright and derived rights.

Any private, public or commercial use of information from ANSES's website must identify ANSES as the source of the information used in addition, where applicable, to any partner sources. Accordingly, all public information taken from the ANSES website and copied, translated or reused in any form must be reproduced faithfully, without altering meaning, and the date of the most recent update must be mentioned.

All data or information taken from the ANSES website must therefore be reproduced in full, without any modification or addition, and without any associated advertisements. The data must be also be freely downloadable.

The reproduction of data must not give the impression that ANSES participates in or endorses in any way the activities of the user, regardless of the form or media used.

ANSES's logo is a protected and registered trademark with limited authorised use. All requests for use of the logo must be submitted to ANSES using the site's online contact formand express written authorisation from the Director General of ANSES is required in order to use it.

Person in charge of administrative access to all documents and questions related to the use of publicly available information: Manuelle Vertot


Creating links

All public and private websites, with the exception of those featuring controversial, pornographic, sectarian or xenophobic information, are authorised to create a link to ANSES's home page or directly to information displayed by ANSES's website without prior authorisation. However, pages from ANSES's website ( may not be included within the pages of another website under any circumstances. Everything must clearly indicate to Internet users that they are on ANSES's website and are able to browse freely therein.

In all other cases, and in particular:

  •  if ANSES website contents are to be integrated into the requesting website,
  •  if access to the pages containing the link to ANSES's website is not free of charge,


a request for authorisation must be sent to ANSES via the ANSES online contact form.

ANSES reserves the right to request that any link be deleted which it considers non-compliant with its publishing policy or which may be detrimental to its image, without prejudice to any subsequent lawsuit which might be brought before a court of the competent jurisdiction.

For its part, ANSES only creates links to public websites and is in no way responsible for the links which are created to its own website.

Should you create a link to ANSES's website, please inform us via the online contact form.


How to download our publications

Our documents are presented in PDF and ZIP formats (compressed pdf). The proper dedicated software is required in order to download them.

Documents in PDF format: Adobe AcrobatReader 6.0 software

(for MAC and PC)

This software enables you to read .pdf documents. You can download it free of charge from the Adobe website:

A certain number of freeware products can be used to read PFD documents:

Our PDF files are "zipped" so that you can download them quickly. 7-zip is open source software for decompressing ZIP files.

Powerarchiver 6.005fis also free file decompression software. You can download it from this address: or use ZipIt 2.0 or Stuffit Expander 8.0 (for MACINTOSH)

If you are a Macintosh user, different decompression software to Winzip (PC) must be downloaded:

ZipIt 2.1 or Stuffit Expander 9.0

Once downloaded, you can use these software programs by identifying the files that have just been downloaded in the location they were saved (C:/Program Files) and double-clicking on them to run the installation programme.


References to companies or commercial products in no way imply that these companies or commercial products are approved or recommended by ANSES.


Scientific validity of documents

The scientific content of documents made available on ANSES's website has undergone expert validation (Scientific Board, Expert Committees, Specialist Scientific Committees).

In compliance with the provisions of Article 2 of the Constitution of France adopted on 4 October 1958, French is the official language of the French Republic. While many of the texts posted on this website are translated into English to facilitate the exchange of scientific information, they have originally been drafted in French; therefore only the French-language versions of these texts are to be regarded as authoritative.


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