Anses in action - 2020 Annual report

ANSES publishes its Activity Report for 2020, a year shaken by the constraints and priorities of COVID-19.
The Agency, while committed to fighting the epidemic, also continued to provide the scientific benchmarks necessary for the management of a wide variety of new or recurring risks, from 5G to nanomaterials, vaping, vector-borne diseases, physical inactivity in young people, glyphosate and the avian influenza crisis in duck farms.

Learn more about the topics our scientists and experts have been working on  throughout the year.

« The Agency obviously worked hard in 2020 to analyse the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on human and animal health, food and the environment. But ANSES also had to tackle many other issues and crises. In addition to the essential figures and data on our activity in 2020, this report is intended to be an effective way of sharing some reminders and illustrations of our methods, results and challenges. Through numerous interviews and testimonies, this report also gives a voice to the people who make ANSES what it is, and on whom our credibility, effectiveness and attractiveness depend. I would like to finish by paying them tribute and thanking them for their commitment and the satisfaction we have had in working together this year, despite the distance and isolation imposed on us by the health situation."



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