ANSES and the CODA-CERVA have renewed their partnership for three more years

ANSES and the Belgian Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA) have renewed the framework agreement that has linked them since 2009, as well as the agreement concerning scientific collaboration on foot and mouth disease and bluetongue. The two agencies will thus continue their numerous joint activities, particularly diagnostic and reference activities relating to the pathogens responsible for epizootic diseases and zoonoses, and to chemical agents likely to contaminate the food chain, as well as in the field of analytical research.

Through its scientific research and its expertise, the CODA-CERVA contributes to a proactive policy in the areas of food production safety, animal health and public health at the federal and international levels. The Centre’s core activities relate to epidemic, endemic and emerging communicable diseases in animals, zoonoses and emerging infectious diseases that threaten public health, contaminants and the quality of the environment in the framework of food production safety, and epidemiology.

ANSES and the CODA-CERVA signed a framework agreement in June 2009 and again in December 2014 in order to consolidate their cooperation on animal and human diseases, both food or feed related and otherwise, as well as in the area of food safety. They also signed a specific agreement for scientific collaboration on foot and mouth disease and bluetongue. These two agreements have been renewed today, for a three-year term.

There have been several cooperative projects between the two organisations over the last few years, including joint participation in many research projects in animal health and food safety, one example being MED-VET-NET, he European network on foodborne zoonoses that has been active since 2004. The CODA-CERVA is a partner of the "One Health” EJP, a European research project on foodborne zoonoses, in the framework of which a proposal was submitted at the beginning of 2017.

There have also been several joint scientific projects in the field of analytical reference, including foot and mouth disease, bluetongue, and the acquisition of knowledge essential for vaccine production. The CODA-CERVA is also a member of the editorial committee of Euroreference,the European reference magazine published jointly by 17 European organisations.

At the signing ceremony for the renewal of these two collaboration agreements, Pierre Kerkhofs, Director General of the CODA-CERVA and also vice-president of the Scientific Board of ANSES, and Roger Genet, Director General of ANSES, expressed their pleasure at the many on-going and future partnerships for coordinated continuing mobilisation of the two institutions as they address the health issues arising in the European Union.