ANSES and INRS strengthen their partnership with a four-year framework agreement

On 4 March 2015, The French Agency for Food, Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety (ANSES) and the French Institute for Research and Security (INRS) signed a partnership agreement which strengthens the ties they have established over several years for the assessment and prevention of occupational health risks. The main areas of cooperation involve support by INRS experts and laboratories for the ANSES-run expert committees for risk assessment (OELs, chemical substances, REACh & CLP regulations, nanoparticles) and the production of knowledge on occupational exposure. 

  ANSES and INRS possess complementary expertise and resources in the field of occupational health and risks. ANSES's mission is to assess the risks to which workers are exposed through independent, collective and adversarial expert assessments. INRS conducts studies and research that provide data for scientific expert assessment work. It is especially committed to identifying occupational risks for salaried workers and improving knowledge in the field of risk prevention.

With a history of ongoing cooperation over the last several years, both organisations have decided to further reinforce the coordination of their activities through regular exchanges on their respective work programmes and by collaboration in expert assessments, studies and analyses in priority areas.

By pooling the resources of the two organisations, it is possible to boost efficiency and the production, distribution and promotion capacity of the results of their research and expertise activities.

This framework agreement is one of the objectives of the next occupational health plan established by the public authorities and social partners. These objectives promote operational complementarity among those working in the field.