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Updated on 21/03/2019

ANSES and nutrition

The Agency's tasks in the field of nutrition

Keywords : ANSES, Nutrition

Nutrition is the science that studiesintake of food, considered in relation to the beneficial or harmful impact on the body of allbody's dietary factors, nutritional status (e.g. overweight, deficiencies in certain nutrients, etc.) andneeds. Good nutrition – an adequate, well balanced diet combined with regular physical activity.exercise – is a cornerstone of good health.

In this area, ANSES:

  • assesses the nutritional properties of ingredients and foods entering the human diet as well as the associated health risks and benefits;
  • develops reference intakes for the population and population subgroups (PRIs);
  • provides valuable scientific evidence for the drafting of national and EU legislation (fortification with vitamins and minerals and other substances, food supplements, etc.);
  • contributes to the development of public health objectives and recommendations relating to nutrition (food consumption guidelines, benefit/risk assessments relating to the consumption of certain foods or food categories, level of physical activity, etc.).
  • implements the nutrivigilance scheme in accordance with Act No. 2009-879 of 21 July 2009 (the French Act on Regional Health Governance [HPST]) in order to monitor the occurrence of adverse effects associated with the consumption of food supplements, novel foods, foods intended for special diets and fortified foods.