21/12/2020 1 min

Digital Horse Week: a presentation by ANSES on diseases in the equine sector

ANSES's Laboratory for Animal Health is the national and European reference laboratory for major equine infectious diseases. Aymeric Hans, Director of the Physiopathology and Epidemiology of Equine Diseases (PhEED) unit based in Normandy, is taking part in a round table on health risks in the equine sector during Digital Horse Week. This event, a digital version of the Paris Horse Show, will be held on the internet from 5 to 13 December 2020. 

Aymeric Hans will be talking about regulated infectious diseases in horses, i.e. those subject to mandatory monitoring and screening. As the National Reference Laboratory for these diseases, his unit is responsible for confirming reported cases, training laboratories in their detection and guaranteeing the reliability of the analyses carried out. He will be reviewing the epidemiological situation of these diseases in France and Europe, accompanied by three other speakers, who will shed light on non-regulated equine infectious diseases, those circulating in Africa and Asia, and measures to protect against contamination. 

Follow the round table on "Health risk management in the equine sector":
On the Digital Horse Week website