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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

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Updated on 30/05/2018

Expertise on vectors

Keywords : Vectors

Since 1 January 2018, ANSES has been responsible for the former missions of the National Centre for Vector Research (CNEV) in terms of expertise for risk assessment and scientific and technical support in the area of vectors.

The missions entrusted to the Agency include:

  • collective expert appraisal, scientific and technical monitoring of vectors, and especially support to managers for entomological surveillance and vector control;
  • assessment of risks associated with vectors and vector control and in particular the study of vector-disease pairs, risks associated with the use of biocides, and assessment of insect vectors' resistance to insecticides;
  • coordination of an expertise and vector-control network;
  • mobilisation of research through the funding of research projects devoted to advancing knowledge of vectors or vector control;
  • support for ministerial representatives at international level on discussions relating to all these topics.

To respond to the various expert appraisal requests, ANSES will shortly, in 2018, be setting up a permanent working group responsible for conducting expert appraisals on vectors.