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International ANSES-EFSA Scientific Conference Day

ANSES and EFSA are hosting an International Scientific Conference Day devoted to bee health and to the contribution of risk assessment research to the field. This is the 8th scientific event of this kind to be held on the topic of bee health and it will be co-hosted for the first time with the European Food Safety Authority. Approximately 300 people will attend the event and it will be an opportunity to highlight the synergy that we have fostered over time and the common vision that we share regarding the preservation of bee health and that of other pollinating insects. The purpose of this conference, which is open to a broad audience including bee keepers, research scientists, public decision-makers, private enterprises, and professional and media representatives, is to review the constructive proposals of both of our entities on the assessment of plant protection products and their impact on the health of bees and other pollinating insects. This event will also be devoted to presenting the research results of our Sophia Antipolis laboratory, with is also the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for bee health, and the recent development at EFSA on holistic risk assessments of bee health including modelling and stakeholders’ engagement.

A large part of the day will be given over to debate and discussion with the scientists from both ANSES and EFSA as well as with French and European stakeholders.

The round-table at day’s end will be on the following topic: “Towards sustainable bee-keeping and agriculture: the need for alternative treatment methods and closer collaboration between bee-keepers and farmers”. It will be an opportunity for a wide range of players to present the worthy initiatives they have implemented at the regional level to improve the quality of the environment and preserve bee health.

The event will be held at the Maison de la RATP (12th arrondissement of Paris). As the number of attendees is limited, we advise you to sign up as soon as possible to be sure you will be able to share this day of information and discussion with us.

Registration is closed but remains possible on the day of the event with our hostesses depending on the number of places available.

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