A prize for our Zootopique podcast!

Zootopique, the ANSES podcast with a focus on the future, has won a Grand Prix Stratégies award for communication in the field of healthcare. Set up in partnership with The Conversation and Moustic Studio, the series took silver in the "podcast” category.

Launched on the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2021, Zootopique takes listeners on a journey into the future to look at the links between human and animal health. Featuring insights from researchers, each episode shows how the science of today helps us to plan for the risks of tomorrow.

Five episodes have been made to date (French only):

  • Des Hommes malades des animaux / Animals as the cause of human disease, with Elodie Monchatre-Leroy and Nicolas Eterradossi (ANSES) and Benjamin Roche (IRD, the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development)
  • Toujours carnivores demain ? / Will we still be eating meat in the future? With Gilles Salvat (ANSES) and Geneviève Cazes-Valette (Toulouse Business School)
  • Alerte sur les tiques et tout ce qui pique ! / Watch out for ticks, bites and stings! With Sara Moutailler and Johanna Fite (ANSES) and Marie Vazeille (Institut Pasteur)
  • Le silence des abeilles... / The silence of the beeswith Marie-Pierre Chauzat and Philippe Reignault (ANSES) and Benoît Geslin (Aix Marseille University)
  • Changer notre regard sur les animaux / Changing the way we look at animals, with François Moutou and Pascal Boireau (ANSES), Isabelle Autran (Nanterre University) and Astrid Guillaume (Sorbonne University)

The “Zootopique” series was developed and produced in collaboration with the independent media network The Conversation and Moustic Studio, an audiovisual consultancy firm.