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Radiofrequencies and health: research in a fast-moving environment

ANSES & IARC scientific conference

Applications of radiofrequency communication technologies have developed considerably over the last 20 years and now include the mobile web, contactless authentication, connected objects, and more. In a context where uses of these technologies, the conditions of exposure and the frequencies used are rapidly changing, and given the disorders and symptoms that have been attributed to them, the research community continues to be highly active in this area, regularly producing new knowledge on the human health effects of radio waves.

On 23 November 2022, to review recent advances in knowledge, ANSES and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) will be hosting a scientific conference on the theme of “Radiofrequencies and health: research in a fast-moving environment”.

This conference will be devoted to the work that the two agencies are carrying out or funding to characterise exposure to radio waves and explore their health effects. On this occasion, ANSES would like to report on the results of the National Environment-Health-Work Research Program (PNR EST) on this subject. For each of the four following topics covered, an introductory talk and several scientific presentations will be given:

  • exposure and symptoms

  • radiofrequencies and the brain

  • radiofrequencies and cancer

  • exposure to radiofrequencies

The conference will end with a round-table discussion, during which several participants will discuss the challenges raised by the rapid development of technologies in terms of the long periods of time needed by researchers and scientific experts to identify and assess risks to human health.

This event will be held in person or online.