Seminar on botulism, 28 and 29 March 2019

Botulism is a neuroparalytic disease caused by the action of the botulinum toxin, produced mainly by Clostridium botulinum. The disease affects both humans and animals and is included in List B of zoonotic agents and zoonoses. Human botulism is rare but very serious, while episodes observed in animals (particularly poultry, wild birds and cattle) lead to high mortality and considerable economic losses. Episodes are encountered more frequently in animals than in humans, with an upward trend observed in Europe over the last decade.

Nine European research institutes working on botulism invite you to discuss the theme "Risks associated with animal botulism" at a seminar funded by MedVetNet that will take place at the ANSES headquarters in Maisons-Alfort on 28 and 29 March 2019.

The seminar will be divided into three parts: a first session of presentations by invited speakers, a second session to present the results of the European ANIBOTNET project, and a third session whose aim will be to strengthen and expand the network of co-operations and initiate future research projects.

The speakers invited to this event are among the leading experts in the field. The topics to be discussed will include the zoonotic risks of botulism, particularly in relation to episodes of animal botulism, the recent discovery of genes encoding botulinum toxin homologues in bacterial species other than Clostridium, and the risks to animal and human health associated with anaerobic digestion. This first session will conclude with a round-table discussion and exchange on the risks posed by animal botulism to public health.

The results obtained during the ERA-NET ANIBOTNET project, which seeks to propose strategies to improve the surveillance, control and prevention of animal botulism, will be presented by the various partners (ANSES, IZSVe, IZSLT, ISS, FLI, RKI, WUR, University of Helsinki, SVA) on the second day.

The seminar will end with an afternoon of discussions to define proposals for collaborative research projects on botulism involving the participants.

Entry to the event is free of charge and open to all stakeholders (scientists, industrial companies, veterinarians, etc.), by registration only. Presentations and discussions will be in English.

Mandatory prior registration is available until 28 February 2019 via caroline.lemarechal@anses.fr