Tobacco and vaping products

Thematic Working Group

The "Tobacco and vaping products" Working Group (WG) reports to the CES on "Assessment of chemical risks of consumer items and products".

The role of this working group is to assess the risks associated with substances (composition, emissions) from tobacco products and related products (electronic cigarettes, refill cartridges, herbal products for smoking) in the regulatory context of Directive 2014/40/EU.

2021-2024 Mandate

Chair: Michel GUERBET


  • Sébastien ANTHÉRIEU
  • Stéphanie CAILLÉ-GARNIER
  • Dominique GUENOT
  • Shérazade KINOUANI
  • Claude LAMBRÉ
  • Gilles MARCOU
  • Murielle MARY-KRAUSE
  • Florence MÉNÉTRIER
  • Viêt NGUYEN THANH (until 20/11/2022)
  • Caroline ORSET
  • Jérémie POURCHEZ
  • Mohamad SLEIMAN
  • Marcello SOLINAS (until 02/11/2021)
  • Frances THIRLWAY
  • Jérôme YON (until 22/07/2022)
  • Efthimios ZERVAS