Animal feed

Expert Committee

The Expert Committee (CES) on "Animal feed" is tasked with:

  • assessing raw materials, foodstuffs, additives and other products and substances intended for animal feed, in terms of risks to animals, humans and the environment as well as in terms of their benefits;
  • assessing the toxicological risks (intrinsic hazard or accidental contamination) and biological risks to animals, humans and the environment of products used in animal feed.

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2022-2026 Mandate

Chair: Corine BAYOURTHE

Vice-chairs: Jean DEMARQUOY et Evelyne FORANO


  • Joëlle DUPONT
  • Nadia EVERAERT
  • Anne FERLAY
  • Olivier GEFFARD
  • Jean-Luc HORNICK
  • Nathalie LE FLOC’H
  • Sébastien LEFEBVRE
  • Djamila LEKHAL
  • Alberto MANTOVANI
  • Annabelle MEYNADIER
  • Isabelle OSWALD
  • Christelle PHILIPPEAU
  • Milka POPOVA
  • Philippe SCHMIDELY

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