ANSES and ACTA renew their partnership

ANSES and ACTA, the association of French agricultural technical institutes, have just renewed their framework partnership agreement at the Paris International Agricultural Show. This allows them to continue their commitment to address the challenges facing agriculture, food and the environment.

ANSES and ACTA have been working together for several years now to anticipate and respond to health issues affecting the crop and livestock sectors. With their renewed partnership, the two organisations are fostering a closer relationship by reinforcing the sharing of data and knowledge, the management of joint scientific projects and the establishment of joint technological units, in order to safeguard animal health and welfare and plant health.

This cooperation aims in particular to improve the responsiveness of both organisations during health crises, through a better understanding of emerging phenomena and the circulation of contaminants in animals or plants, and by promoting the rapid diagnosis of pathogens in livestock and food production.

This partnership also seeks to improve understanding of the risks associated with plant protection products by developing exchanges of technical information on product assessment, exposure of farmers to chemicals and other health hazards, and reporting of adverse effects.

The agreement was signed on ANSES's stand at the Paris International Agricultural Show by Roger Genet, Director General of ANSES and Jean-Michel Schaeffer, President of ITAVI (Technical Institute for Poultry, Rabbit and Fish Farming), acting on behalf of Anne-Claire Vial, President of ACTA.