ANSES and EnvA sign a scientific cooperation partnership agreement

Christophe Degueurce, Director of EnvA, and Roger Genet, Director General of ANSES, today signed a framework partnership agreement at the Paris International Agricultural Show. In doing so, the two organisations are formalising their long-standing cooperation and committing to advance scientific knowledge on animal infections to safeguard health for all.

For 25 years, EnvA and ANSES have been building pivotal scientific partnerships in animal infectiology research and development on their shared sites in Maisons-Alfort and Goustranville, Normandy. The five-year framework agreement signed today demonstrates their willingness to formalise their long-standing cooperation on infectious animal diseases.

Under this partnership, the two organisations will continue their many joint scientific projects on the detection and epidemiology of emerging diseases, whether viral, parasitic or bacterial. Among other things, these projects will provide a better understanding of host-pathogen interactions, improve knowledge of the mechanisms of transmission between animal species and to humans, and explore possibilities for the development of vaccines or antiviral therapies. The two organisations also hope to strengthen their research work in animal health within the One Health field of major interest (DIM), in which they are both involved.

Lastly, this partnership provides for shared access to various technological resources, including biomedical research platforms on animal species such as ticks and rodents, and Level 3 containment structures.

Through this agreement, the two organisations undertake to further scientific knowledge of infectious animal diseases in order to safeguard health according to the unifying One Health approach;

The Alfort National Veterinary School (EnvA)

The Alfort National Veterinary School is a higher education establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. A leading scientific player for over 250 years, its missions are to train tomorrow's veterinarians and professionals, and to conduct research in pathophysiology and infectious diseases. EnvA pursues a global health approach covering public, animal and environmental health.

ANSES, the French health and safety agency

ANSES provides public decision-makers with the scientific benchmarks needed to protect humans and the environment against health risks. It studies, assesses and monitors all the chemical, microbiological and physical risks to which humans, animals and plants are exposed, thereby helping the public authorities take the necessary measures, including in the event of a health crisis. A national agency working in the public interest, ANSES comes under the responsibility of the French Ministries of Health, the Environment, Agriculture, Labour and Consumer Affairs.