Poignée de main entre Benoît Vallet et Stanislaw Winiarczyk
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ANSES and the Polish National Veterinary Research Institute extend their partnership

On 28 February, ANSES and the Polish National Veterinary Research Institute (PIWet) renewed their partnership for a further five years. Their cooperation, which began in 2012, has led to numerous exchanges and joint projects in animal health and food safety.

Benoît Vallet, Director General of ANSES and Stanisław Winiarczyk, Director of PIWet, signed the agreement extending the partnership between the two organisations until 2028, on the ANSES stand at the Paris International Agricultural Show.

ANSES and PIWet work on common themes such as the diagnosis and prevention of infectious animal diseases, and food safety. This convergence of their activities and the numerous cooperations already under way between their scientific teams had first prompted the two organisations to sign an institutional partnership agreement back in 2012.

A productive cooperation

This partnership has enabled joint actions to be developed in risk assessment, research, reference and monitoring, and has promoted exchanges of knowledge and experience between the two organisations' scientists. ANSES and PIWet are also partners in several networks and research projects funded by the European programmes Horizon 2020 and One Health EJP

Over the next five years, the two organisations wish to strengthen their collaboration on new topics, including antimicrobial resistance, foodborne pathogens including Salmonella and major animal viruses. Some of these viruses of interest – such as avian influenza, rabies and hepatitis E – can potentially be transmitted to humans. The two partners also plan to work on chemical residues in food, the effects of pesticides on bees, and the monitoring of sales and use of veterinary medicinal products.