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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

ANSES Annual reports

ANSES 2017 Annual Reports

As an agency specialising in scientific expert assessments, ANSES’s main mission is risk assessment in situations of high uncertainty. Its field of action covers all the types of exposure to which our fellow citizens may be subjected in their day-to-day lives: exposure by water, air and food and to chemical, physical and biological agents.

“Investigate, evaluate, protect” – The Agency’s motto illustrates the extent and variety of its missions, from animal health and welfare, plant protection and food safety, through to environmental and occupational health, as well as the assessment of veterinary, plant protection and biocidal products prior to their being placed on the market.

Through its laboratories and the research funding it receives, the Agency produces new knowledge and conducts risk assessments with a global and systemic outlook, taking into account all of the available scientific knowledge, in order to offer policy-makers suitable recommendations for health and safety issues.

Every year, we are able to produce more than 250 opinions to help prevent health crises and to assess the risks of exposures and regulated products. This is possible thanks to the constant efforts of our 1350 employees and to the rigorous work of our 850 external scientific experts, who inform public policy-making in a fully open and independent manner. Our responsiveness and our effectiveness depend entirely on their commitment.

In 2017, there was a great deal of debate, particularly in the framework of the National consultation on the food sector (Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation), as well as certain controversies, in France and at European level. Pesticides, endocrine disruptors, nanomaterials and electromagnetic waves are just some of the subjects that regularly arise in public debate, since they raise questions and fears for our fellow citizens, and are general sources of uncertainty.

Open dialogue with all the parties concerned is therefore an essential part of the way we work, and allows the Agency to keep abreast of the concerns and expectations of our time and of our fellow citizens. Because over the years we have always preferred dialogue to fixed stances, we have been able to move forward together, with the overarching aim always being the general interest of society and consumers.

I hope the Agency can go even further in this direction in 2018.

Roger Genet
Director General