ANSES in attendance at the 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show

Protecting the health of plants and ecosystems

For this 2020 edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show, ANSES is offering an insider's view of plant life and ecosystems.

Today, we are facing multiple changes to our environment and lifestyles. ANSES applies its scientific expertise to current challenges, in particular those relating to plant health and the impacts on agriculture, human health and biodiversity.

The Agency's objectives include preventing the emergence or introduction of pests that affect plants and ecosystems, combating invasive plants, reducing the impact of pesticide use and better protecting humans and the environment.

The start of the International Year of Plant Health is the perfect time to remember that everything is interconnected and a holistic view is essential in order to preserve our health and ecosystems.

The Agency celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2020! The Paris International Agricultural Show provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on the decade's major events and achievements, which have now made ANSES a major national agency committed to safeguarding health for all. For the past 10 years, the Agency has worked tirelessly to assess health risks and advance scientific knowledge to protect people and the environment.

From February 22 to 1 March 2020, ANSES invites you to its stand at the Show to find out about the issues affecting plant health and its work to protect plants and ecosystems. The programme includes encounters and discoveries of the Agency's missions, with interactive scientific exhibitions and activities.

Events on the ANSES stand to tell you everything you want to know about plant health.

A discovery trail for observing some key diseases and pests, as well as invasive plants that threaten our health and ecosystems, and for learning more about the Agency's work: Xylella fastidiosa, the pine nematode, ragweed, giant hogweed, huanglongbing disease affecting citrus fruits, the red palm weevil, etc.

Activities for learning about the health risks associated with plants

  • scientific workshop to investigate allergies affecting the inhabitants of a town and the potential usefulness of natural solutions to combat an invasion of ragweed;
  • a digital game for you to try and distinguish edible plants from toxic ones, with practical tips to apply at home;
  • story for visitors of all ages, to raise awareness of the concept of biocontrol.

Information materials that explain all about ANSES's missions to protect the health of plants, people and ecosystems.

An area for institutional visitors, to provide more in-depth information and follow events on the ANSES stand.

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ANSES in attendance at the 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show

From 22 February to 1 March 2020

Hall 4, Aisle B, Stand 114

Porte de Versailles, Paris 15e