ANSES at the Paris International Agricultural Show 2019

As a leading public agency responsible for the indivisible health of humans, animals and ecosystems, ANSES strives constantly to meet the challenges of agriculture today and in the future. For this 2019 edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show, "Water quality and fishery products" are the major theme on the ANSES stand. As an environment for living organisms and a source of nutrition in its own right, water is a common good and a major health and food issue, but also a challenge for our agriculture, which must adapt to climate change and changes in our lifestyles. Water is one of the key themes common to ANSES's wide range of activities.

Water quality and fishery products: expertise for “One Health”

Water is essential for life and for maintaining ecosystems, but can also be a source of exposure to various contaminants that may be harmful to health and biodiversity. ANSES draws on several scientific disciplines to improve our knowledge of micro-organisms and contaminants in water and to monitor and assess the corresponding risks. In this way, ANSES helps guarantee the quality of water for drinking or bathing, and also ensures the safety of fishery and aquaculture products through all harvesting or production phases until they reach the consumer's table.

From 23 February to 3 March 2019, ANSES scientists will be happy to meet you on the Agency's stand (Hall 4, Aisle B, Stand 112) to present their work and activities on this theme, through scientific workshops, activities for young people and interactive conferences.

Scientific and educational workshops with three investigations to be carried out as an ANSES expert

Throughout the Show, come and learn from scientists how to analyse microbes and viruses in water and fish:

  • two dogs die after swimming in a pond. Experts suspect they were poisoned by toxins called cyanobacteria. To test this hypothesis, let's analyse the water and algae;
  • a fish farmer observes the death of several trout he was raising.  To detect and identify the guilty virus, let’s examine the fish samples;
  • following a birthday meal, many guests fall ill after eating raw fish. Let's find out which parasite is responsible for the food poisoning.

"Science in a nutshell": each day, a conference, a scientist, a subject

From Monday 25 February to Friday 1 March 2019 at 11am and then at 2pm, come and listen to ANSES scientists, then discuss with them afterwards:

  • "How do microplastics get into food?" Guillaume Duflos, Laboratory for the safety of food, fishery and aquaculture products;
  • "Why and how should we eat fish?" - Charlotte Grastilleur, risk assessment department;
  • "Are tap water and bottled water the same?" - Jean-François Munoz, Nancy Laboratory for Hydrology;
  • "From resource to tap: ANSES, a key player in water safety" - Pascale Panetier, Water Risk Assessment Unit;
  • "The life of a fish in water is not so simple" - Thierry Morin, Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort laboratory, fish diseases.

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