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ANSES Scientific Conferences on bee health

ANSES is organising its 10th science day dedicated to the health of bees and pollinating insects. Beekeepers, researchers, public decision-makers, companies, and journalists are invited to discover the latest scientific breakthroughs relating to bees and exchange views with the speakers.

The programme for the day includes:

  • the results of the European PoshBee project, on the detection of pathogens and the effects of chemical and nutritional stress on wild bees,
  • the threat posed by the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) on Reunion Island,
  • the contamination of beeswax by plant protection products and veterinary drug residues.

Societal aspects will be highlighted, with an introductory conference looking back at how bees have been perceived throughout history. Socio-economic studies will also be presented, on the regulatory and institutional contexts of bee health protection and the sharing of floral resources between beekeepers.