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Approval of water analysis laboratories: a joint ANSES/OFB portal

On 25 March 2024, ANSES and the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB) inaugurated a joint portal to provide access to both of their information systems dedicated to applications for the approval of water analysis laboratories.  The OFB handles environmental approvals and ANSES handles water quality monitoring approvals.

This overhaul was undertaken in order to pool the existing systems and provide them with a common foundation. In fact, some of the laboratories applying for approvals are common to both ANSES and the OFB, and some of the standards are identical.

These new information systems will benefit all those involved in the approval process:  the approved health and environment laboratories or those wishing to receive approval, ANSES, the OFB, the French Directorate General for Health, the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac), the Directorate for Water and Biodiversity (DEB), the National Reference Laboratory for monitoring aquatic environments (Aquaref), the regional health agencies and the water agencies.

The main features of the new information systems:

  • Search for approved laboratories
  • Request for the simultaneous creation of laboratory accounts in the 2 systems, environment and health
  • Management of inter-laboratory comparisons via a separate interface, with the option of importing a list via a spreadsheet file
  • Differentiation between in situ and laboratory approval requests
  • Export and import of approval request files
  • Add several approval requests from lists (Agrément Eaux Santé).
  • Request changes to the file after submission
  • Possibility of going back in the file
  • Warn laboratories when their approval is due to expire
  • File export
  • Possibility for the laboratory to submit an extension application outside the data entry period
  • Submission of a request for automatic withdrawal of approval
  • Help with examining an approval application
  • Modification of an application during processing (including withdrawal and suspension)
  • View and download the decision and scope of approval
  • Renewal of an approval file

The project was funded by ANSES, the OFB and France Relance, as part of the digital transformation of organisations and professions.