05/01/2021 1 min

ANSES's 2021 work programme

ANSES has just published its 2021 work programme, which sets the course for its actions in all its areas of expertise. This programme outlines the work that the Agency will carry out in response to formal requests or as part of major national public health plans, as well as its research activities and its European and international commitments.

In 2021, the Agency will be particularly active on two highly anticipated and symbolic topics: the "One health" approach, which considers the interfaces between human health, animal health and the environment; and development of a more comprehensive approach to the issues associated with chemical risks. It will also be applying its expertise to the launch of new national plans such as the PNSE 4 "My environment, my health", implementation of the guidelines of the European "Green Deal", and preparation for the French Presidency of the EU in 2022.