Assessment of chemical risks of consumer items and products

Expert Committee (CES) 

The mission of the Expert Committee (CES) on "Assessment of the chemical risks of consumer items and products" is to assess the risks to human health (general population including vulnerable populations: children, pregnant women etc. and the working population) of exposure to chemicals found in or released by everyday consumer products (household cleaners, detergents, etc.) and/or items (toys, textiles, sanitary protection products etc.).

2021-2024 Mandate

Chair: Damien BOURGEOIS

Vice-chair: Christophe YRIEIX


  • Alain AYMARD
  • Nicolas BERTRAND
  • Isabelle BILLAULT
  • Isabelle DEPORTES
  • Greta GOURIER (until October 2021)
  • Jérôme HUSSON
  • Guillaume KARR
  • Alexandra LEITERER
  • Jean-Pierre LEPOITTEVIN
  • Mélanie NICOLAS
  • Adèle PAUL (until 11 March 2022)
  • Catherine PECQUET
  • Sophie ROBERT
  • Patrick ROUSSEAUX
  • Jean-Marc SAPORI

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