Assessment of the physical and chemical risks in foods

Expert Committee

The Expert Committee (CES) on "Assessment of the physical and chemical risks in foods" is tasked with:

  • examining general cross-cutting or emerging topics on the physico-chemical risks associated with food;
  • assessing the health risks associated with the presence of anthropogenic or natural environmental contaminants, considering both the general population and population subgroups such as children;
  • providing relevant scientific evidence (opinions, scientific and technical support, recommendations) for the development and implementation of national and EU policy in the area of food contaminants;
  • conducting methodological deliberations in the general area of food risk assessment: mixtures, newly-formed products, etc.

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2018-2022 Mandate

Chair: Bruno LE BIZEC

Vice-Chair: David MAKOWSKI (from 23/11/2021)


  • Claude ATGIE
  • Pierre-Marie BADOT
  • Martine CLAUW
  • Marie-Yasmine DECHRAOUI
  • Nicolas DELCOURT
  • Christine DEMEILLIERS
  • Erwan ENGEL
  • Anne-Sophie FICHEUX (from 23/11/2021)
  • Petru JITARU
  • Sonia KHIER
  • Émilie LANCE
  • Caroline LANIER
  • Michel LAURENTIE (from 23/11/2021)
  • Bruno LE BIZEC
  • Raphaële LE GARREC (until 26/07/2021)
  • Ludovic LE HEGARAT
  • Nicolas LOISEAU
  • David MAKOWSKI
  • Francesca MANCINI (from 23/11/2021)
  • Jean-François MASFARAUD
  • César MATTEI
  • Fabrice NESSLANY (until 30/11/2021)
  • Anne PLATEL (from 23/11/2021)
  • Alain-Claude ROUDOT
  • Yann SIVRY
  • Karine TACK (until 26/07/2021)
  • Paule VASSEUR

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