Assessment of the risks related to air environments

Expert committee

The fields of expertise of the Expert Committee (CES) "Assessment of the risks related to air environments" include: urban and rural air pollution; indicators and limit values for air pollution; and air quality in occupational and non-occupational indoor environments (particularly in homes, places open to the public,etc.) related to the chemical and/or biological pollutants found in air and dust.

2021-2024 Mandate

Chair: Rachel NADIF

Vice-chair: Hervé LABORDE-CASTÉROT


  • Sophie ACHARD
  • Fabrice ALLIOT
  • Michel ANDRÉ
  • Nathalie BONVALLOT
  • Patrick BROCHARD
  • Fleur DELVA
  • Jean-Dominique DEWITTE
  • Marc DURIF
  • Emilie FREALLE
  • François GAIE-LEVREL
  • Philippe GLORENNEC
  • Marianne GUILLEMOT
  • Marion HULIN
  • Bénédicte JACQUEMIN
  • Olivier JOUBERT
  • Juliette LARBRE
  • Barbara LE BOT
  • Johanna LEPEULE
  • Danièle LUCE
  • Corinne MANDIN
  • Pierre PERNOT
  • Nhan PHAM THI
  • Jean-Marc THIBAUDIER (until 23 February 2023)

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