Decision of the Nice Administrative Court: ANSES withdraws marketing authorisations for two insecticides containing sulfoxaflor

ANSES has noted the decision of the Nice Administrative Court to revoke marketing authorisations for the insecticides "Transform" and "Closer" containing sulfoxaflor, an active substance approved by the European Commission.

For these authorisations, which it had issued on 27 September 2017, as well as for all marketing authorisations for plant protection products, ANSES emphasises that it rigorously applies the European regulatory framework, taking all the available scientific literature into account. This framework involves a scientific risk assessment and the establishment, whenever necessary, of suitable protective measures, in full application of the precautionary principle.

As the government has decided to prohibit the use of sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone, two plant protection active substances with an identical mode of action to neonicotinoids, in application of the French EGAlim Act, ANSES will not be appealing against the decision of the Nice court.