Endocrine disruptors

Thematic Working Group 

The "Endocrine Disruptors" Working Group (WG) reports to the CES on "Chemicals covered by the REACh and CLP Regulations".

The role of this working group, in line with the National Endocrine Disruptor Strategy (SNPE), is to formulate scientific opinions in response to formal requests and questions on the hazards to human health associated with exposure to chemicals having adverse effects in connection with an endocrine-disrupting (ED) cellular mechanism of action.

The missions of the Working Group are:

  • to conduct monitoring and analyse reports, studies and publications on ED-type mechanisms of action;
  • to collect and summarise knowledge on the mechanisms of endocrine disruption and propose criteria for classifying endocrine-disrupting substances; to issue opinions on the models for studying these effects;
  • concerning the substances undergoing expert appraisal by ANSES, to identify the different adverse effects such as those on reproduction, fertility, development, metabolism, carcinogenicity, etc. associated with an ED mode of action, and to propose toxicity reference values that can be used for health risk assessment (HRA);
  • to help rank potentially ED substances that need to undergo a thorough analysis of their effects in view of a possible health risk assessment, particularly among sensitive populations and according to the windows of vulnerability.

2021-2024 Mandate


Vice-Chair: René HABERT


  • Sylvie BABAJKO
  • Isabelle BEAU
  • Nicolas CABATON
  • Marie-Chantal CANIVENC-LAVIER
  • Nicolas CHEVALIER
  • Jean-Baptiste FINI
  • Guillaume GRENET (until 31 January 2024)
  • Matthieu KELLER
  • Christophe MINIER
  • Hélène MOCHE
  • Claire PHILIPPAT
  • Laurent SACHS
  • Nicolas VENISSE (until 04 September 2023)
  • Catherine VIGUIE
  • Charline WAREMBOURG
  • Ludovic WROBEL

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