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Fougères Laboratory

Address : 10B rue Claude Bourgelat, Javené CS 40608 35306 Fougères Cedex

Phone : +33 (0) 2 99 17 27 47

Manager : Tahar AIT ALI

The Fougères Laboratory is primarily involved in improving knowledge of the benefits and risks of veterinary medicinal products and disinfectants used by the food processing industry and in evaluating the toxicity of residues and contaminants. 

The 70 staff members at the Fougères laboratory work in the fields of food safety, veterinary medicine and food hygiene.
Their activities in the area of food safety concern veterinary drug residues and the toxicity of food contaminants. In veterinary medicine and food hygiene, areas of interest include the antimicrobial efficacy of antibiotics and disinfectants, as well as the development of resistance to these agents.

The Laboratory’s work focuses on:

  • screening for residues of veterinary medicinal products in foodstuffs of animal origin;
  • the antimicrobial efficacy of antibiotics and disinfectants;
  • resistance to these products;
  • evaluation of the toxicity of contaminants.

The Laboratory is the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for veterinary drug residues and antimicrobial resistance, and is the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) for antimicrobial and colouring agent residues. The Laboratory  implements the quality assurance process for its reference activities.

It carries out research on the analysis of veterinary drug residues, on the characterisation of antimicrobial effects (antimicrobials and biocides), and on the characterisation of toxicological hazards related to contaminants. The Laboratory also develops new tools for the prediction of toxicity.