Parent peignant sa fille ayant des poux

Head lice: never use animal treatments on children

Every year, cases of use of antiparasitic products intended for pets to treat head lice in children are reported. The Agency emphasises that antiparasitic treatments, insecticides or acaricides for pets should never be used on human beings, especially children.

The cases observed by the French Poison Control Centres mainly concerned antiparasitic products for dogs, cats or even horses, used on children with lice.

An antiparasitic, insecticide or acaricide treatment intended for pets should never be administered to a human being, especially a child.

Veterinary medicines have all obtained a marketing authorisation (MA) prior to being placed on the market issued on the basis of a benefit/risk assessment for the target animal species. The toxicological and clinical studies on which this assessment is based only take into account the physiology and pathological problems of the animal species concerned. They do not in any way justify risk-free therapeutic use in humans.

In cases of head lice infestation, it is recommended to use treatments appropriate for the age of the child in question, and to follow the advice of a health professional such as a pharmacist or doctor.