How to report a health issue

ANSES is the French agency responsible for the assessment of risks to human, animal and environmental health. It provides the authorities with the scientific evidence needed to make decisionson health issues. In this capacity, it does not intervene directly in response to individual requests by consumers.

The Agency has created a certain number of surveillance and monitoring systems that rely on healthcare professionals such as physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, biologists, midwives, physiotherapists, nurses, etc. These professionals file reports when adverse events occur subssequent to the use of common everyday products, plant protection products, veterinary medicinal products, or consumption of products such as food supplements. Thanks to this data on adverse events, it becomes possible to identify those topics requiring health risk assessment in order to then issue recommendations and alert both health authorities and the general public. 


You wish to report an adverse event


If you are a victim of, or witness to, a life-threatening medical or health emergency,  dial 15 immediately.
 For all other serious conditions, contact the emergency medical services.
For all less urgent medical problems, please seek the advice of your doctor.
If you or someone near you has been exposed to a potentially toxic substance, please do not wait until symptoms of poisoning appear. 
Call the nearest poison control centre immediately.