Macro-organisms beneficial to plants

Thematic Working Group

The Working Group on "Macro-organisms beneficial to plants" (MACRO WG) reports to the Expert Committee (CES) on "Plant protection substances and products, biocontrol".

With applications for the release into the environment of non-indigenous macro-organisms, the MACRO WG analyses:

  • risks to plant health;
  • environmental risks, in particular for biodiversity;
  • the effectiveness and expected benefits for agriculture.

The MACRO WG also makes recommendations on the conditions for releasing macro-organisms into the environment.

2023-2027 Mandate

Chair: Jean-Claude MALAUSA

Vice-Chair: Serge KREITER


  • Romain BONAFOS
  • Nicolas BOROWIEC
  • Xavier FAUVERGUE
  • Jean-Luc GATTI
  • Philippe KREITER
  • Vincent LESIEUR
  • Laura MOQUET

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