08/04/2022 1 min

PFUE — European Conference on the Use of Plants in Veterinary Medicine

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFUE), the French agency for veterinary medicinal products (Anses-ANMV) organised a European conference on the use of plants in veterinary medicine on 29 March. The conference, intended for the competent European authorities, was held remotely and attended 54 participants from outside the Anses. 

The conference took place in several parts. The first session made it possible to contextualise the use of plants in veterinary medicine in the European Union and allowed the various stakeholders (farmers, veterinarians and pharmaceutical industries) to share their expectations and problems with the use of veterinary herbal medicines. Secondly, two experts from the Human Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products presented feedback on the problems encountered in the authorisation of herbal medicinal products for human use compared to conventional chemical medicinal products. Then the Anses-ANMV gave a feedback on the work carried out by France. Finally, these sessions continued with the presentation of the perspectives at European level by the EMA and the European Commission and the sharing of the views of the participants. The conference allowed participants to become aware of the peculiarity of these medicines and of the difficulties in applying the current unsuitable regulations. The Commission thanked the French Presidency for organising this conference, which provided it with very useful information for the report to be submitted to Parliament by 2027.