Philippe Reignault appointed Director of the Plant Health Laboratory and Director of Plant Health at ANSES

On 4 June, Philippe Reignault was appointed Director of the ANSES Plant Health Laboratory and will also take over from Charles Manceau as Director of Plant Health, with effect from July. Professor of Plant Biology and Diseases at the Littoral Côte d'Opale University since 2010 and Chair of ANSES's Expert Committee on Plant Health since 2012, he will now be responsible for overall coordination of ANSES's scientific work in plant health and protection.

Philippe Reignault is a plant pathologist with a doctorate from the Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris 6) and an authorisation to supervise scientific research at the Littoral Côte d'Opale University (ULCO).He began his academic career as a lecturer at the ULCO. He was then appointed Director of the Laboratory of Mycology-Phytopathology-Environment in 2009, before becoming responsible for the Plant-Fungi Interactions and Remediation team of the Environmental Chemistry and Interactions with Living Matter Unit in 2010. Since 2015 he has been Director of the ULCO's Environment, Coastal and Marine Environments Research Centre.

Author of over 160 scientific publications, including around forty in international scientific journals, Philippe Reignault has studied the interactions between plants and their pests at different scales. As a member of several international expert panels on "Plant Health", particularly for the European Food Safety Authority, and Chair of ANSES's Expert Committee on Plant Health since 2012, Philippe Reignault is familiar with risk assessment work. His comprehensive view of the issues involved in safeguarding plant health, and his knowledge of the world of expert appraisal and research are assets that will be invaluable for carrying out his new missions at ANSES.

In his new position, Philippe Reignault takes over from Nathalie Franquet as Director of the ANSES Plant Health Laboratory (LSV), and from Géraldine Anthoine who acted as Interim Laboratory Director. As from July, he will combine this role with that of Director of Plant Health, replacing Charles Manceau who will be retiring. He will be responsible for implementing ANSES's main scientific policy orientations at laboratory level, supporting and promoting the laboratory's local, national and international influence and coordinating all of ANSES's research and risk assessment work in the area of plant health.

The Plant Health Laboratory has 80 employees (in eight scientific units at six geographical sites) whose daily work ensures the safety of the food-plant, ornamental-plant and forestry sectors.

For Philippe Reignault: "After 6 years chairing the CES on Plant Health, I am delighted to join the teams I know so well at ANSES's Plant Health Laboratory, teams that through the quality of their research and analytical reference work contribute each day to safeguarding plants and protecting the environment".