The Scientific Board

The Scientific Board guarantees the high standards of the scientific expert appraisal process and the independence of ANSES.

Role and tasks

The Scientific Board ensures the consistency of the Agency's scientific work in accordance with the Public Health Code (Articles L. 1313-6, R. 1313-24, R. 1313-25 and R. 1313-27).

It issues opinions on ANSES's research and expert appraisal orientations, work programme and scientific partnership policy, including at the international level.

Regarding ANSES's research activities, it also oversees the research assessment and management process, and assists the General Directorate in developing the procedure for calls for research projects.

With regard to expert appraisal activities, it is consulted on the functioning of expert committees and appointment of their members.

To improve the scientific quality of expert appraisals, the Scientific Board conducts methodological work designed to optimise the health risk assessment process: analysis of the weight of evidence and uncertainties, methods for taking the exposome into account, etc. To do this, it sets up working groups reporting directly to it.

The Scientific Board functions as an independent body in order to guarantee the excellence and consistency of ANSES's scientific work.

Isabelle Momas
Chair of the Scientific Board


The Scientific Board guarantees the high standards and independence of the scientific expert appraisal process. It also oversees the evaluation of the Agency's research activities. It is independent of ANSES's operational bodies and is made up exclusively of scientists, giving a considerable number of seats to foreign researchers. Its composition also meets the need for diverse scientific expertise to cover the Agency's various areas of intervention.

The Scientific Board has 29 members:

  • Two ex-officio members: the Chair of the Scientific Board of the French Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM) and the Chair of the Scientific Board of Santé Publique France
  • 24 scientists with expertise in the Agency's sphere of competence, appointed by ministerial order; 
  • Three members acting in an advisory capacity, elected from among the Agency's scientific staff by their peers for a renewable three-year period.

The Scientific Board meets four times a year.

The Scientific Board members' public declarations of interests are available on the Ministry of Health's website.

Scientific Board publications

In the course of fulfilling their duties, the members of the Scientific Board have produced a number of opinions, reports and assessments. Some of these publications may subsequently give rise to an opinion from the Agency, for example, on taking the weight of evidence and uncertainty into account in scientific risk assessments.

Scientific Board opinions and work (in French)

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