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Liste méthodes - Unité Pathologie abeille Méthodes d'analyse des LNR signed on 18/11/2014

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Ragweed and allergies

15/12/2017 Keywords : Ragweed , Pollens , Allergy , Biological pest control

Allergies with a particularly high impact

The number of people suffering from allergies has more than doubled in the last 20 years. Today, nearly one in three adults in France are allergic to pollen.

In an expert appraisal published in 2014, ANSES demonstrated that...

Keep up physical activity and limit sedentary behaviour: ANSES adapts its guidelines to the lockdown situation

Keywords : Physical Activity

Fewer trips outside, less physical activity and more inactivity, calories and dietary imbalances... The lockdown set up to combat the COVID-19 epidemic may pose specific risks to our health. ANSES issued an internal request with a view to making recommendations to mitigate...

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