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Signature of the framework agreement for the ESA Platform: strengthening epidemiological surveillance in animal health

Mots-clés : Animal health

The signing of the new framework agreement for the Epidemiological Surveillance Platform for Animal Health (ESA Platform) on 20 June 2018 by the Director General for Food in the presence of Roger Genet, Director General of ANSES, and eight other members, signals a new...

The European EPILOBEE programme

14/12/2015 Mots-clés : Bee , EPILOBEE

Bee colony mortality and weakening have been observed in numerous countries for several years now. ANSES has mobilised significant resources to address the subject of bee health and has made it one of its priorities, given the importance of the role of these insect...

Bee colony mortality: presentation of the initial results of the EPILOBEE European surveillance study

Mots-clés : Bee

For several years now, weakening and mortality of bee colonies has been observed in many countries. Because of this, for the first time an active surveillance study of bee colony mortality known as EPILOBEEhas been implemented in 17 European Member States. In order to...

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