ANSES is appointed FAO Reference Centre for brucellosis

On March 5, ANSES was appointed as the Reference Centre of the Animal Health Service of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for brucellosis, a bacterial disease with worldwide distribution which can affect humans and most mammal species, especially domestic and wild ruminants as well as pigs and boars (suidae). This appointment represents significant acknowledgement for the Agency of the work accomplished, of the quality of its expert appraisal and of its commitment as a reference organisation for brucellosis on the national and international level.

On March 5, ANSES was appointed Reference Centre of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for brucellosis. After having evaluated the main activities and strengths of ANSES, its technical and scientific competencies and  its expertise with regard to general policy, and thanks to the intensity and quality of past collaborations, the FAO decided to award this international reference mandate to the Agency.

For ANSES and for its Animal Health Laboratory the mandate is an important sign of recognition of the quality of its work and of its commitment as a national and European reference organisation for this disease.

ANSES and brucellosis

Owing to the economic importance of brucellosis and to its risk for human health, this disease is a major concern for public health organisations in charge of human and animal health both in France and worldwide.

At ANSES, the Animal Health Laboratory in Maisons-Alfort is in charge of brucellosis-related activities.  As the National Reference Laboratory, National Centre of Reference, European Union Reference Laboratory and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Reference Centre for brucellosis, it is involved in the monitoring of animal and human cases of the disease in France, and it coordinates the reference activities for a network of national and European laboratories. It also contributes to the creation of prevention, surveillance and eradication strategies, in conjunction with national and international public health organisations.

This reference mandate for brucellosis is the fifth of this type obtained by ANSES, and opens new avenues for collaboration between the Agency and the organisations of FAO member countries.