The ANSES-CIQUAL food composition table

In France, the reference database for the nutritional composition of foods is managed by ANSES. A food composition table is published on the Internet via the ANSES-CIQUAL website. The table provides energy values and the fat, fatty acid, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, salt, vitamin and mineral content of more than 2800 foods representative of those consumed in France. The table is one of the most comprehensive tables of its kind in Europe.

A tool with high added value

The ANSES-CIQUAL table is a useful and free source of reference information. It is a major tool for health professionals (nutritionists, dieticians) who use it to prescribe personalised diets and make recommendations for their patients. The base is also widely used by designers of nutrition software, agri-food professionals for nutrition labelling and by teams conducting epidemiological research on nutrition.

Finally it is also an indispensable tool which enables ANSES to assess nutrition-related risks. By combining the data of the ANSES-CIQUAL food composition table and the results of consumption studies (i.e. the regularly updated INCA studies), ANSES has obtained detailed information on the nutritional intakes of the French population, an essential resource to help guide public policies on nutrition.

The ANSES-CIQUAL food composition table is available free of charge on the Internet via a new CIQUAL website with and improved, more user-friendly interface. The main developments of the new website, which was redesigned in December 2017, include a more efficient search engine and the possibility to filter results by food groups, to export results, to view data sources and to subscribe for updates.

The 2017 ANSES-CIQUAL food composition table can be downloaded free of charge via the ANSES-CIQUAL website.